Why Blog….?

Blogging isn’t a new venture for me. I’ve been keeping online journals for years but here lately, I have had the itch to let my knowledge flow forth unto the hands of would be readers. My multi-faceted interests allow me to delve deep into many specifics topics but I think that I will enjoy finding out what narrow road that I shall venture.

I love food but I’m not a chef. I am however a strawberry blonde, which leads me to have a higher sense of taste than your average person. That may sound far fetched but…I’m really not making that up. 🙂 I believe that I will make another journal for my food adventures because I love traveling around to different restaurants and giving my opinions about everything from the wait staff, the atmosphere or the food itself. I would love to not only inform potential ‘foodies’ about new places to eat but to make it more streamline and okay for people to be more observant and appreciative of the little nuances that we take for granted in our every day lives.

I also love pop culture. I’m a self confessed pop culture geek and find myself caught up yearning to make that lifestyle less of a taboo lifestyle. I have a son and I don’t want him growing up in a world that reading a comic book makes him a ‘dork’ or watching Pokemon would cause him to not be cool. We all should yearn to have individual lives and grow up wanting to fit into any stereotypical crowd. That is the beauty of being a multifaceted person. In the realm of Pop Culture, there are so many people writing on so many diverse topics, but I would like to join the ranks. I would like to fill a void in the community at large and not generalize the topics but to extend my reaches into the void of all pop culture. So look out geekdom. 🙂

Throughout this next year, I hope to write every day. I hope to allow someone to be positively touched by my poetry or my blogging. That is my hope. My dream is to be appreciated for the words that I bleed out on the metaphorical paper.

Day 5’s Ode to a Metaphor riddled Map

Day 5’s Ode to a Metaphor riddled Map

When everything changes, but nothing changes at all,

you know that you are home.

We see no rolling hills. We feel no wet heather

on the ground of which we trod.

Man can smell the stench of mediocrity,

but will refuse to admit when it reeks of grief.

We are born, we marry, we give birth, we grow old, we die;

in that dot on a map.

Nights holding ourselves in a culpable tribunal;

some look to the stars and dream BUT

do we dare feed the lion inside our hearts?

Do we dare light that candle in our spirits?

Do we dare accept that life is more than a dream?

Do we fight the darkness or will we realize that

everything will stay the same,

it is we who have to change it.

“Chris, roll over! You woke me up with your snoring again!”

Anthony Burgess, author of one of my favorite books “A Clockwork Orange” said to “Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone.” So…why do we snore? My English Bulldog snores because she has a short nasal passage. Even though I find it quite adorable, it gets annoying right in the middle of my 80th viewing of Roadhouse. So why does something that happens to almost all of us, end up being something that could not only be potentially dangerous to your health but could quite literally kill you added to the fact that it is completely annoying to the 59% of questioned adults who say that their spouses snore. With most of the tested subjects snoring at an estimated 38 decibels, why wouldn’t we as the listeners complain about hearing something that is as loud as your kitchen’s refrigerator? Well the answer to how we stop snoring is convoluted. The answer of ‘why’ can be easily answered.

Snoring is essentially the sound that is produced when your upper airway structure vibrates during inhalation and exhalation. Any membrane that is in the pathsleep apnea of this airway (including your tongue, soft palate, uvula, tonsils and throat wall can vibrate during this act. While we are asleep, the muscles throughout our body relax. Your throat and tongue are muscles, therefore your airway also relaxes and causes the space that the air has to travel to become tighter and this tightened air space combined with the vibrations cause the lion’s roar that our pets, family members, spouses or room mates hear every night during our time of slumber.

Snoring is not a sickness.  Its not a disease. Its a symptom. Just as a cough is a symptom of the common cold, snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is however a disorder. The restful slumber of a person with sleep apnea is riddled with the loud roar of snoring as well as the labored breathing that usually is also riddled with pauses or gasps during the person’s slumber. This obstructed pause results from a COMPLETE obstruction of the airway and sometimes even causes a decrease in our body’s oxygen level. Just like our reaction to someone pinching our noses in the middle of the night, we sleep apnea sufferers terminate this obstruction by waking up. This constant waking and restless slumber leads to fragmented, less restful sleep. Sleep apnea can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, loss of attention span and poor concentration levels.

And if you didn’t catch it earlier, I inferred that I have sleep apnea. I have snored since I don’t know when and I have tortured friends, family, a roommate, my wife and my child with thunderous snores for as long as I can remember. As I mentioned earlier, obstructive sleep apnea can cause a loss of oxygen in the body but it can also cause increased hypertension and over time can cause extreme damage to your heart and vascular system. I, for one, want to live as long as possible so that I can see my son grow and live out my ‘happily ever after’. The other consequence of the fragmented sleep that I spoke of earlier is daytime sleepiness and poor concentration levels. These symptoms can sometimes take effect while driving. Now I don’t know if you realize this or not but sleeping and driving is not adviced to be done at the same time. Ever. Ever. Ever. By anyone. Falling asleep while driving is a risk factor that I met in an all too familiar way. Sleep apnea almost caused God to claim my forgiven soul a little earlier than I figured that he would. While driving home one night, a symptom of sleep apnea crept up on me like a pouncing tiger. I fell asleep while driving. I flipped my truck multiple times and ended up with a totaled truck and multiple points on my insurance.

Now before you go judging me and refusing to ever get in a car while I am driving, let me freak you out by saying that there is no real cure for sleep apnea. There is no cure-all pill for the 22 million of us that suffer from sleep apnea. And the possibility of someone snoring and/or developing sleep apnea only increases when we as a populous add in our weight gain, consumption of large quantities of alcohol, allergies, drug use, use of muscle relaxants or sedatives, and most importantly smoking; but there is supposed to be hope. Now by hope I am referencing the gamut of simple, noninvasive items that open the nasal passages to that truly invasive surgical procedure. I have tried Breathe Right Strips and I still snored like a freight train. These strips work by gently lifting the nasal passage from the outside. But alas these strips did not help me. I’ve even heard home remedies of sewing tennis balls to the back of your night shirt to keep you from laying on your back because unless you know this from personal experience you snore A LOT worse on your back. This is caused by your neck being at a different position; thusly causing your throat to have an even worse obstruction.

Now of course, there are easy solutions: lose a lot of weight, don’t smoke, don’t drink lots of alcohol, take allergy medicine to prevent having complications from allergies; but as before, these are merely bandaids to help fix a gushing wound. They do not repair the problem. There is always the other solution…me going under a surgeons knife and having some of the vibrating tissue removed from the back of my throat but that seems a bit too drastic for me, especially since the success rate is usually only a 50% reduction in snoring.

For me, help with my snoring problem came in the hands of a Sleep Apnea Breathing Machine. I had spent many years, waking my wife up from her beauty sleep to know that something had to happen. I also was having complications with being sleepy during the day and I did not want to have another one of those falling asleep behind the wheel episodes. I had the appropriate breathing test done at a sleep clinic and found out that I stopped breathing an extremely dangerous amount of times during the night and my oxygen level at night was dangerously low.sleep study

sleep machineAfter trudging through years of not being able to breath and torturing those around me, (sorry about that everyone) I finally can breath easily and others around me can sleep soundly through the night.

If you can call wearing a Darth Vader mask that forces air down your throat ‘breathing easily’.


“I am what I am” says Popeye the Sailor Man

“I am what I am” says Popeye the Sailor Man

Toot toot! 

In today’s society, we are all basically very full of ourselves. We all have varied opinions and most of us love to let our opinions be known to everyone around us; whether they like it or not. So all aspects of socially interactive media (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube) allows us to get on our proverbial soap box and preach our selected gospel to the masses. Whether that gospel is the sharing of your grandmother’s lasagna recipe, your political grievances or if you are just as narcissistic as I am (and love to hear/see yourself talk).

So, why should you start a blog? The reasons delve way beyond our yearning to see our glorious words in print or on the interwebs:


It is a good idea to blog so we can supercharge your writing skills. Remember when you were learning to ride your bike; despite the blood gushing from your knee, you kept hearing someone yell “practice makes perfect”. Well despite the aggravation that we felt at that moment; they were right. The more you write the better of a writer you become. You will start producing skills at the same pace that you learned to ride that bike after the training wheels were relinquished. This newly acquired skill is very useful in the workplace and most sales are done through email while advertisement is mostly done through social media and the internet.

Soap Box Preacher

If you have Facebook, we all know that one person who gets on their proverbial soap box and preaches to all of we unwilling readers. Ten years ago a soap box on the street, a chair in a hair salon or a fence post between yards would have been enough for gossip gollies BUT now we have social media and blogging is just the tool to utilize.

Free Your Mind

Freeing your mind isn’t just what En Vogue said to do in their 1992 classic hit, freeing your mind is what blogging can do for you. Blogging allows you to be able to create a forum for you to share a conscious thought. Whether 1 or 1,000,000 people read it, you have shared your thoughts. Also a blog can act as your own personal journal where you can experience and see your own personal growth throughout your words. We can disperse information to the masses in our own personal well versed way.

Express Yourself 

Man another song name. Guess music and blogging are both truly art forms. I don’t think Charles Wright would mind me borrowing his song name to tell you that blogging is a FANTASTIC place to express yourself. The internet has allowed us to network with people from all around the world. So whatever your blog is actually saying, you are sharing a part of yourself with the world.


Think about all of the people who have found the best Sushi restaurants in Raleigh, gotten completely pissed off during a political debate, gotten the recipe for a healthy meatloaf or read about how much money an NFL quarterback makes, thanks to a blog. We inspire people with our words.


I mean seriously…who doesn’t love something free. Most blogging websites offer you the ability to blog for free. How great is that!

Its FUN!!!!

Now if you have Facebook and you something really clever…you wait to see how many people like your status. DON’T LIE! We love positive reinforcement. We love the comments. And heck, some of us like to argue!

And last but not least, some people have made a lot of money off of it. Some people have turned their food blogs into a full time job. Bloggers are the new food critic of choice. A bad review on a blog site can ruin a restaurant’s reputation. Depending on the topic, you can market your blog to advertisers. Doing this will cause you to make money. Easy peasey lemon squeezy.