Why Blog….?

Blogging isn’t a new venture for me. I’ve been keeping online journals for years but here lately, I have had the itch to let my knowledge flow forth unto the hands of would be readers. My multi-faceted interests allow me to delve deep into many specifics topics but I think that I will enjoy finding out what narrow road that I shall venture.

I love food but I’m not a chef. I am however a strawberry blonde, which leads me to have a higher sense of taste than your average person. That may sound far fetched but…I’m really not making that up. 🙂 I believe that I will make another journal for my food adventures because I love traveling around to different restaurants and giving my opinions about everything from the wait staff, the atmosphere or the food itself. I would love to not only inform potential ‘foodies’ about new places to eat but to make it more streamline and okay for people to be more observant and appreciative of the little nuances that we take for granted in our every day lives.

I also love pop culture. I’m a self confessed pop culture geek and find myself caught up yearning to make that lifestyle less of a taboo lifestyle. I have a son and I don’t want him growing up in a world that reading a comic book makes him a ‘dork’ or watching Pokemon would cause him to not be cool. We all should yearn to have individual lives and grow up wanting to fit into any stereotypical crowd. That is the beauty of being a multifaceted person. In the realm of Pop Culture, there are so many people writing on so many diverse topics, but I would like to join the ranks. I would like to fill a void in the community at large and not generalize the topics but to extend my reaches into the void of all pop culture. So look out geekdom. 🙂

Throughout this next year, I hope to write every day. I hope to allow someone to be positively touched by my poetry or my blogging. That is my hope. My dream is to be appreciated for the words that I bleed out on the metaphorical paper.