Importance of Buying Silver Age Comics

I would really like to buy these comic book from someone. But I am broke.

avengers silver age comicThe popularity and circulation of comic books about superheroes declined following World War II, and comic books about horror, crime and romance took larger shares of the market. However, controversy arose over alleged links between comic books and juvenile delinquency, focusing in particular on crime and horror titles. In 1954, publishers implemented the Comics Code Authority to regulate comic content. In the wake of these changes, publishers began introducing superhero stories again, a change that began with the introduction of a new version of DC ComicsThe Flash in Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956). In response to strong demand, DC began publishing more superhero titles including Justice League of America, which prompted Marvel Comics to follow suit beginning with Fantastic Four #1. Silver Age comics have become collectible, with a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962), the debut of Spider-Man, selling for $1.1 million in 2011.

First appearance of Spiderman
First appearance of Spiderman

I hope that if anyone sees this post that they realize that I did this as a joke.

X-Men Number 1
X-Men Number 1

The creme de la creme of Marvel comic collecting is the first appearance of the X-men. This issue is The X-Men #1.

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