Toot toot! 

In today’s society, we are all basically very full of ourselves. We all have varied opinions and most of us love to let our opinions be known to everyone around us; whether they like it or not. So all aspects of socially interactive media (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube) allows us to get on our proverbial soap box and preach our selected gospel to the masses. Whether that gospel is the sharing of your grandmother’s lasagna recipe, your political grievances or if you are just as narcissistic as I am (and love to hear/see yourself talk).

So, why should you start a blog? The reasons delve way beyond our yearning to see our glorious words in print or on the interwebs:


It is a good idea to blog so we can supercharge your writing skills. Remember when you were learning to ride your bike; despite the blood gushing from your knee, you kept hearing someone yell “practice makes perfect”. Well despite the aggravation that we felt at that moment; they were right. The more you write the better of a writer you become. You will start producing skills at the same pace that you learned to ride that bike after the training wheels were relinquished. This newly acquired skill is very useful in the workplace and most sales are done through email while advertisement is mostly done through social media and the internet.

Soap Box Preacher

If you have Facebook, we all know that one person who gets on their proverbial soap box and preaches to all of we unwilling readers. Ten years ago a soap box on the street, a chair in a hair salon or a fence post between yards would have been enough for gossip gollies BUT now we have social media and blogging is just the tool to utilize.

Free Your Mind

Freeing your mind isn’t just what En Vogue said to do in their 1992 classic hit, freeing your mind is what blogging can do for you. Blogging allows you to be able to create a forum for you to share a conscious thought. Whether 1 or 1,000,000 people read it, you have shared your thoughts. Also a blog can act as your own personal journal where you can experience and see your own personal growth throughout your words. We can disperse information to the masses in our own personal well versed way.

Express Yourself 

Man another song name. Guess music and blogging are both truly art forms. I don’t think Charles Wright would mind me borrowing his song name to tell you that blogging is a FANTASTIC place to express yourself. The internet has allowed us to network with people from all around the world. So whatever your blog is actually saying, you are sharing a part of yourself with the world.


Think about all of the people who have found the best Sushi restaurants in Raleigh, gotten completely pissed off during a political debate, gotten the recipe for a healthy meatloaf or read about how much money an NFL quarterback makes, thanks to a blog. We inspire people with our words.


I mean seriously…who doesn’t love something free. Most blogging websites offer you the ability to blog for free. How great is that!

Its FUN!!!!

Now if you have Facebook and you something really clever…you wait to see how many people like your status. DON’T LIE! We love positive reinforcement. We love the comments. And heck, some of us like to argue!

And last but not least, some people have made a lot of money off of it. Some people have turned their food blogs into a full time job. Bloggers are the new food critic of choice. A bad review on a blog site can ruin a restaurant’s reputation. Depending on the topic, you can market your blog to advertisers. Doing this will cause you to make money. Easy peasey lemon squeezy.



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